Using rental income when applying for a mortgage

Do banks consider rental income when applying for a mortgage? When applying for a mortgage every Shekel of income count - both in order to insure that you'll actually get an approval and and also to get better rates and terms. The case when you already own an apartment If [...]

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Choosing a real estate lawyer

When is the right time to include the lawyer?If you are buying: Right after you agree on the price. At this stage you let your lawyer speak to their lawyer. Usually the seller’s lawyer is the one drafting a contract, but not necessarily.If you are selling: When you made up your mind to sell. That [...]

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90% LTV mortgages?!

One of the main issues  with "Mehir LaMishtaken" is the fact that it isn't accessible to everyone. For instance: An apartment in Kiryat Motzkin that costs 950,000 NIS still demands at least 260,000 NIS for down payment and expenses, and over 4,000 NIS/Month for mortgage payments. BOI, Mortgage banks and Ministry of housing have agreed to [...]

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