Financing the Purchase

Acquiring a mortgage is the most complicated of all phases of the purchase, but it is also the most straightforward. Mortgages are conducted on the basis of clear and fixed rules. Any change, even the smallest one may affect thousands and thousands of NIS. It is important to know that nobody will pay attention to your mortgage as you  will. To the bank, a friend who helps you, or an outside consultant, a difference of 0.1% sounds negligible, but this negligible difference will greatly affect your bank account in the long run.

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What our clients are saying

Last week Be’eri called to tell us we saved together an astronomical sum of 339,000 NIS. We were both supersized at this figure.
Noomi, Jerusalem
After 5 rounds with bank we saved 100,000 more than we expected. Without Be’eri help and encouragement, we couldn’t have done it.
Nir, Jerusalem
Be’eri was there for us at every step of the way. His knowledge and calmness helped us get a better mortgage than we could’ve dreamed of.
Daniel, Modiin

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