Musha pic

So, what is a Musha, and should I fear it? 
1. A Musha is a very old system from the days of the Ottoman empire. It is however still in use in many any areas of the country.
2. Essentially, it determines what proportion of the total property you own, instead of which property specifically. To help with the obvious issues, most apartments leased in Musha have an הסכם שיתוף, declaring what belongs to whom, and enabling you to buy and sell independently.
3. Mortgage banks don’t like it, but if the paper work is in order they can deal with it. Sometimes mortgage banks will demand higher rates. 
4. If the paper work isn’t perfect – you’ll have problems, and you should probably avoid the whole issue.
5. Even If everything is in order, it’s harder to sell a Musha, so if it’s for a quick sale – forget it. If it’s for a home, and for a long term deal, it’s not a big issue.
6. There are areas in Israel that still have Musha’s such as: south Tel Aviv, Talbia and many parts of Heifa.
7. Get a lawyer, specifically one that has experience in these matters. THIS IS A MUST