Investing in real estate for your retirement

Real estate professional column- Jerusalem Post December 2016 Real estate buyers in Israel can be divided into a few categories: The procrastinators – those who wait for prices to go down; the know it all, that bought before prices went up and “know” everything there is to know; the complainers- [...]

Real estate fundamentals – Jerusalem Post Column October 2016

Often I feel this is how people treat real estate: It doesn’t matter what you buy, as long as you buy real estate.   Whether you just got married, made Aliyah, or want to buy an investment property in Israel, the first stages of buying real estate are always the same: Define the purpose of [...]

Buying a house on paper

Buying a house on paper has it's advantages - mainly a higher standard of living, but also has costs associated. Though every project has it's own specifications, it's own contractor and it's own contract, there are few costs that appear across the board. 1. legal costs In addition to paying for your own lawyer, [...]

To Sell Or Not To Sell

A client of mine approached me with a dilemma – to sell or not to sell an investment apartment he bought. It was an apartment in Jaffa he bought about 6 years ago for 740,000 NIS, and it’s worth about 1.05M today. On one hand, he earned a great 40% profit on his capital. [...]

What is the maximum value of an apartment I can buy?

So you've started to consider the purchase of an apartment. Congratulations! But how will you know the maximum value of an apartment which is within your means to buy with a mortgage? [Too much math? you can get an immediate budget here] There are two main criteria which determine the approval of a mortgage- the cost [...]

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Is buying a house a smart decision?

Many friends and acquaintances have asked me lately whether they should buy an apartment in Israel. The simple answer is NO. But let's talk about it! (at length…) As a rule, cold hearted economists (like myself) differentiate between two very similar concepts, which are often confused: housing and property ownership. Housing - the right to live [...]

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